Mine Division 113 Vietnam


Welcome to the unofficial Mine Division 113 Vietnam website started in September 2008 by Dick Schreifels, BMCS, USN, Retired in the hopes that former fellow shipmates who served with Mine Division 113 see the website, send pictures, hear their stories of when they were assigned to Mine Division 113, and bring us up to date on their lives. Come join us for our twelfth Mine Division 113 reunion in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania from September 19th through September 22nd, 2024!


Mine Division 113 was established on 1 May 1968 and on 15 August 1970 the last of the unit's boats were turned over to the Vietnamese Navy known as Mine Interdiction Divisions 92 and 93. The Minesweeping Drones (MSD) were returned to the United States later on.


There are not any websites on the Internet to my knowledge exclusively dedicated to the Officers and Men of Mine Division 113. Therefore, this website was created because we are all getting up in our age and I believe the history of the personnel and the boats assigned to Mine Division 113 is important and we should tell our stories while we can still remember our tours with Mine Division 113.